Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga emerged from the 6th century C.E. onwards and was regarded as an essential preparation for Raja Yoga and meditation (The Yoga of Patanjali). The Hatha yoga system highlighted the need for body purification and mental stability before starting with meditation or higher practices.  To learn and practice meditation, we need to have physical health and stability. The mind can only be focused to experience higher states if the body is healthy and in harmony with the mind. This became the theme of Hatha Yoga and the cause of its popularity.

Hatha yoga is of tremendous value to our health on every level. Hatha yoga works by releasing tension from the body and mind. Our energy levels increase when we release tension. The yoga poses help stretch away physical tension and tone muscles, joints and the spine, which improves posture in general. Good posture prevents and eases backache, increases energy and boosts self-confidence. The yoga breathing exercises  known as pranayama quieten the mind, calm the emotions and through increased oxygen intake, nourish all of the cells in the body. Hatha yoga relaxation techniques known as nidra, and meditation practices, keep the mind sharp, improve awareness and encourage a happy and peaceful attitude towards life. Regular practice can result in a deep sense of inner security and strength.


Vinyasa Flow

‘Nyasa’ – To Place ‘Vi’ – In a special way

Vinyasa combines poses to flow, one into the other, in a sequence designed to warm up the body toward greater ranges of movement, usually toward a ‘peak’pose. On of the primary teachings of vinyasa yoga is to align amd initiate action from our breath – our life force – as a way of opening to the natural flow of prana, the energy that sustains us all at a cellular level. Vinyasa yoga requires that we cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next – one breath at a time.


Yin Yoga

A still, quiet practice, that offers relief from the stresses and strains of a fast paced busy lifestyle. Through long held, deeply releasing postures the muscles of the body relax allowing the work to begin on the deeper, ‘less elastic’ tissues of the body. As space is created within the body, tension is released from the tendons, ligaments and joints. Yin is the opposite of Yang – it is passive, feminine and reflective. It requires us to turn our attention inwards as each pose is held. Our awareness is given to the physical sensations within the body (whether pleasant or unpleasant), the feelings and emotions in the heart (whether positive or negative), and the thoughts as they flow through the mind. Without adding anything to the experience, or taking anything away, we simply wait with present moment awareness. A willingness to surrender and allow the practice to unfold before us will bring many amazing benefits to both body and mind.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is suitable for all, and is perfect for those who struggle to relax, sleep, or suffer from anxiety..
Each pose is carefully prepared and propped up, so the entire body is supported. The poses are then held for long periods of time, allowing for complete relaxation.


Meditation and Relaxation

Our meditation and relaxation classes are held in a warm and friendly space and are open to experienced practitioners and complete beginners. Typically the classes will include yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) to help calm the mind and relax emotions, simple yoga postures to ease and stretch tensions from the body, concentration practises to help to hone your mind, and/or guided meditation, fnishing with a guided relaxation (yoga nidra). These classes are an excellent addition to the physical practice of yoga (asana), and with the help of the teacher you are encouraged to relax and for one hour disengage from the outside world.



As one of the fastest growing fitness methods in the world, and practised by people of all ages and abilities, pilates not only helps to improve your body shape and alignment, it can also help you become fitter, stronger, more supple and improve your stamina without adding mass. It challenges the strong and strengthens the weak. Pilates is not just about strength and a lean body, it’s a tool for living a healthy life. The principles you will learn from doing Pilates can be carried over into your daily life, enabling you to enjoy everyday experiences with ease, balance and an improved posture

Why Practice Yoga:

Improved flexibility and strength. Increased muscle tone and strength.

Boosts immunity, increase of bone density and increased synovial fluid in the joints.

Increased energy. Improved cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

Regulates blood pressure and adrenal gland function.