Our Vision

One of the meanings of yoga is ‘to join’….

We opened the Yoga Bank to both serve and to help to create a closer knit community.

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We have created our waiting area to encourage people to come a little earlier, the lounge is comfortable, filled with beautiful light, and comfy couches…. We have added a large book case, filled with beautiful books, both yoga and non-yoga related, which you are free to borrow, and we have a large kettle that is always hot, with lots of beautiful teas and snacks to choose from.

All of these things are in place to create a safe haven, a place where you can come and relax, and leave your worries at the door. To meet with like minded people, to form friendships…

We want a place where you can come and feel at home, feel comfortable, and feel completely welcomed.

Our teachers and staff will do their best to remember your names, your likes and dislikes, and your favourite tea.

Our classes are not about getting your leg behind your head, what you look like in a bikini, or how many calories you burn.

We care more about your insides than the skin that you are in.. We want to nurture your hearts, minds and souls.

We are working closely with Scope, and Halton MIND, and are constantly looking for ways to give back to our direct community.

As a member of the studio, you become a member of our yoga bank family too, and we will say thankyou for your loyalty with free members evenings, wonderful gatherings with yoga, food and drinks, and a chance to get to know our team, and the other members, more closely.

The most important thing to The Yoga Bank is it’s community.

‘Yoga is firstly for individual growth, but through individual growth society and community develop’ B.K.S Iyengar