Hatha Beginners Yoga Course

Next course to start Monday 9th April 2018
6:15pm to 7:15pm

This 6 week course will cover a different aspect of yoga each week.
It is a perfect introduction to those who have never done yoga before.. by the end of week 6 you will have a better understanding of the breath, some of the terms and names, a little of the origins and history, plus how to do the basic postures…
You will then feel much more confident moving on to a general hatha yoga class..
Week 1 – Basic breathing, warming up, alignment tips and ‘hot spots’, and relaxation.
Week 2 – Three part breath, forward bending postures (standing and seated) using props, and guided relaxation.
Week 3 – Ujayi breath, back bending postures (standing and kneeling), guided relaxation.
Week 4 – Ujayi breath, principles of safe twisting (standard, seated, and reclining), guided meditation.
Week 5 – Side bends and stretches (leading toward triangle pose), nadi shodhana, meditation.
Week 6 – Putting it altogether – nadi shodhana, yin postures to soften the body, moving through vinyasa (intro to sun salutes, key hatha postures, and meditation and relaxation.

Handouts will be made available, and given out during the classes.

This is a 6 week booking only, no drop ins…
A certificate of attendance on completion.

To book this course, please see the Courses page on MindBody here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/asp/main_enroll.asp?fl=true&tabID=8&studioid=257930

BWY Foundation Course Level 1 SOLD OUT

This 60 hour course will run yearly, over a period of 10 months. Applicants must have a regular yoga practice, and have been practising for more than 2 years. The course covers asana, pranayama and basic breathing, the history of yoga, the styles and paths of yoga, Sanskrit, mudras, mantra, and philosophy (the yoga sutras of Patanjali). We will also cover the pranic body and the chakras. This course is ideal for those students wishing to deepen their home practice and knowledge of yoga, and those who want to go on and take teacher training.  The course is held one day a month for 10 months.

The next course begins in March 2018. We will be taking applications from December 2017.