Based around themes, our workshops are for those who want to advance their practice. Lasting from two to five hours, the themes range from practical subjects such as science and anatomy to the more esoteric practices such as meditation and relaxation, mantra, and pranayama. Yoga is such a vast subject (it is 5000 years old, after all!), there is always something new to learn, regardless of how many years you have been practising.

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Upcoming Workshops

Jivamukti Workshop The Wheel of Dharma

Friday 30th June, 17:30-20:30

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Cat is returning for another wonderful workshop!

The first turning of the wheel of dharma: the four noble truths and the eightfold path.
What does this mean to us in the modern world and how do we practise with compassion and wisdom?

This workshop will build from the ground up, reviewing the components of the yoga practice that we “think” we know so well.
it will have its challenging moments balanced with the understanding of how to make sense of them to see their value.
You will get what you put into it…practice = life/life = practice.

Cat alip-douglas:

The Journey from Condé to Sangyé
From the fashion floors of Condé Nast in New York to the wooden floors of Sangyé Yoga School (Jivamukti Affiliate London), cat had officially traded in her Manolo Blahniks for a more ‘grounded’ approach to life…in bare feet.
Cat is originally from New York City and has been calling London home since spring 2004. She feels very privileged and grateful to have been involved with the previous incarnation of Sangyé Yoga School (Jivamukti Yoga London) since its inception and manifestation in 2005. With sincere love and admiration, she thanks Manizeh and Danny Rimer for always seeing the best in her for and for ultimately giving her a “job”.

If titles bear significance to the reader, here they are: Advanced Certified Teacher (Jivamukti), Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance UK) and Co-Director alongside her husband Phil.

LOVE & GRATITUDE: the husband phil, the parents, all the teachers, the students & the notorious biggie smalls…lastly, this life for all it has introduced thus far.
FB/Instagram: catalipdouglas

Investment: £30.00

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Joanna Najduch Chakra Vinyasa

Saturday 1st July, 14:00-17:00

Joanna is back by popular demand! Come and experience Prana Flow© Yoga
inspired by the teachings of Shiva Rea.
Joanna will guide you through a dynamic yoga flow focusing on opening the 7 Chakras with Bija chants
whilst in the flow. Her joyful practice will challenge you and strengthen you in equal measure.
This workshop focuses on the Chakra system as a means of finding fluidity, grace and energy in a flow yoga practice. You will be led through a dynamic vinyasa sequence of Asanas and Mantras in order to pierce through any blockages in the subtle body and gain a fresh clear perspective on your practice and life. Each Chakra embodies a colour, sound, vibration and element.
We will call upon each Chakra to turn the wheel and create new flowing thoughts and life force.
This workshop will lead you to a deeper understanding of this fundamental system that relates to more than just postures of yoga. Relaxing Yoga Nidra to finish!


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Twist and Shout Workshop

Saturday July 15th 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Twists are DELICIOUS… They are the great equalisers of yoga asanas. They strengthen the spine, they keep the nervous system healthy, they allow us to see things differently, and they fire up Manipura Chakra (the seat of our willpower).

In this workshop we will begin with a 45 minute yin practice, to ready the spine for our flow.

A short break, and then a 90 minute vinyasa flow, working deeper and deeper into some delicious twisting postures, and binds…

Before the relaxation, there will be a mantra session, working with the Gayatri Mantra, the most auspicious of all of the mantras, encouraging wisdom, and illuminating our intellect.
A beautiful yoga nidra to finish.

Refreshments available at the end…

A wonderful way to bring some fire into your belly!
£30.00 (discounts available for members)

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DEVA PREMAL & MITEN with MANOSE featuring Joby Baker and Rishi

Tuesday 26th September, 18:00

(Price includes Coach fare from the Yoga Bank to the venue, and return back to the studio)

Liverpool, The Dome Grand Central, Renshaw Street

An Evening of Bliss, Mantras and Songs

Celebrated chant masters Deva Premal & Miten bring their Temple at Midnight Tour to 19 cities in Europe & Russia from September – November 2017.

Accompanied by Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose, with Canadian Joby Baker on bass and Danish percussionist Rishi, their unique, spiritually inspired evenings of mantra, song, and chant are treasured by audiences around the planet.

These powerful gatherings offer a joyful path to centering in these turbulent times, creating moments of what Deva describes as “ecstatic silence” – or in Miten’s words, “luminous pools of deep celebration.”

We play Deva’s music most of the time in our classes at TYB, so you will recognise so much at this incredible concert…

The price includes full ticket price (plus booking fee for venue), for the stalls, plus coach fare directly from TYB to the venue, and then pick up again at the venue to come back to YB…

This is NOT to be missed, and tickets (plus coach) are limited…
Price £42.00

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Yoga for the Seasons – Breeze into Autumn With Ali Tennant

As the leaves start to fall, Vata season is at its peak and is the dosha that can cause the biggest imbalance in our health and wellbeing. Known as the “Governor” of the doshas, Vata is comprised of the elements air and space. Coughs, joint pain, dry skin and a scattered mind are just some of the symptoms of Vata season.

In this workshop we will focus on grounding and nurturing body and mind to prepare us for the transition into Winter. The workshop will include –

Grounding mudras and pranayama

Self massage or Abhyanaga

A strong but nurturing vinyasa focused on releasing tension in the hips and pelvis – the main seat of Vata

A “letting go” meditation

£30.00 (Discounts available for members)

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When booking for courses + workshops, please note that we can only provide a full refund (less a 10% admin fee) for cancellations made more than 28 days before the start date. For any other cancellations there will be no refunds or transfers unless your place can be filled from a waiting list, in which case we will refund the fee (less a 20% admin fee). If a course or workshop is cancelled you will be offered either a cash refund or the option of being transferred to an alternative event. Once you have committed to a course or workshop, we recommend that you attend the scheduled number of sessions to get the most out of the programme.