I am a mother of 3 boys with an office based day job in Marketing. I first discovered yoga about 12 years ago and I loved the way it made me feel. With a regular yoga practice, I began to notice tension within my body and mind was released. I noticed how much stronger I felt physically and mentally by the asana ( postures ) breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation and how I had grown in confidence, self-belief both on and off the mat.

Being a busy working mum, yoga gave me the well needed time to myself. I decided to make the leap from student to teacher starting with the BWY Yoga Foundation course in March 2012 ( Jackie Quayle ) leading onto studying the BWY Teacher Training Level 4, 500 hr diploma ( Rosemary Bennett ).

I think yoga should be accessible to all and my classes have an informal friendly approach, my style of yoga is formed on the basis of Hatha yoga, intertwined with vinyasa flow offering variations on postures to accommodate all levels, each class will vary allowing students to explore & experience the yoga for themselves with a spirit of playfulness. I also have a love for Yin Yoga.

Yoga to me is about taking the time out to reconnect with yourself, taking a moment out from our stressful lives, it’s about being healthy without pushing yourself to the limit, it’s about slowing down to get strong, hopefully stepping off our mats feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced, yoga is for everyone. Namaste.