Debbie found yoga at the end of 2001 when she was going through a soul searching time. As an actor there were ups and downs and one day she asked that question to the universe- ‘ There has got to be more to life than this?’ I was putting all my happiness into getting an acting job and when I didn’t get the part I couldn’t detach and the lows were lows!!Dealing with rejection on any level creates issues of  self-worth/image/doubt within you. I felt lost in the world and deep down knew  I was meant to be happy and in celebration of life. My background is in performing arts and I hold a B.A. HONS degree in acting and am still a professional actor and love it ( acting is my ultimate dream and creativity) but the work is so sporadic that becoming a yoga teacher has given me a deeper purpose in my life and yoga helps to centre and ground me in this unpredictable world .I fondly remember doing my BWY Foundation Course 2002-3 saying to my tutor Janet Irlam after her suggesting it to me that I don’t and never want to be a teacher!! Haha. I may have been scared of the responsibility that went with it and as an actor I could hide behind characters- this would just be me in front of people! Would I be good enough and will I be accepted?’ The  experience has been beautifully inspiring and positive from students that you know you were meant to be a teacher. I never found or sort it out- IT TRULY FOUND ME ! I have the opportunity now to give back to others what yoga has given me. I got married in 2012 and live with my beautiful husband Garry in Liverpool who brings a smile to my face daily! Happiness comes from within and my world is a much better place for him being in it.