I started teaching after attending yoga and Pilates classes myself, since 2003 and 2008, and discovering the mental and physical benefits of both exercise disciplines.  In September 2011, I enrolled on a STOTT PILATES Intensive Mat Pilates course, and, in February 2012 took the Advanced course, passing my exams for both in September of that year.  In December 2012, I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Level 1 course.

I found my love of exercise at the age of eighteen, when I started doing aerobics, and after a couple of years, I became an assistant in classes.  This gave me the opportunity to start teaching routines and standing in for instructors when they weren’t available.  Since then, I have tried most disciplines of fitness, including weight training/body building, swimming, step, body combat, running and boxercise, to name but a few.I started yoga in 2003, and attended weekly classes for three years, until a skiing accident interrupted my exercise regime.

After surgery, rehab and physio, I finally got back into training, and my passion for yoga returned in 2007, as I began practising again and improving my ability.

It was during this time I also heard about Pilates and started doing a class once a week.

I began to lessen the amount of weight training I was doing and increased my yoga and Pilates until I stopped weight training completely. I found I was becoming stronger and my body was looking thinner and more toned, even though I didn’t actually lose weight.

I love being able to help people feel better about themselves both physically and mentally through teaching the mind and body exercise of Pilates.