I am a mother, to two children (21 and 18), married to a lovely man, John, for almost 25 years, and a business woman. I am an accountant – that’s the day job- and a yoga teacher – that’s the passion!

I love to read, though rarely have time, travelling (now that the children are all grown up!), and I love cakes – both baking and eating them!

I began yoga in my 30’s, when a bad back, and a wonderful pain consultant, led me to my first yoga class….

Although in pain, the class had quite an amazing effect on my well-being, and I felt able to breathe and relax for the first time since the pain began…I did find it challenging, but from that very first class, I was hooked!

I began practicing three times a week, and within a year the pain had abated, and I didn’t need the pain killers so much….Within two years, I stopped having injections, and by year three the pain had almost gone. It was also about this time that my interest in the philosophy began to pique, so I enrolled on the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, and that’s when the thought began to take shape in my head ‘hmmm, I think I want to be a teacher’…

I loved the course, so when it finished I felt a little lost, what next, I felt bereft, I loved my monthly sessions with like-minded people, I missed them….and that led me to the BWY Teaching Diploma….

I did have to have a good, long think about this step, over three years of commitment, I didn’t know whether I had the time, my children were still young, I ran my own business, the thoughts scrambled over and over in my head. Could I do it, DARE I?

I dared, and jumped in with both feet (and the help of my wonderful family), and revelled in this learning, the people, the knowledge, the YOGA!

I love teaching, I feel as though I was made to teach yoga.I love the effects it has on people…I love the effects it has on me, and the people close to me.. I feel that my role as a yoga teacher is to re-connect each person with their true selves, to remind them how magical they are, and to give them the tools of yoga, so that they can use those tools to help them with everyday life.
I have taught at BWY mini congress for both Cheshire and Merseyside, a well as for other studios as a guest teacher in across the UK.

Qualifications: BWY Teaching Diploma (2009), BWY Foundation Course Tutor (Levels 1 and 2), Core Strength Vinyasa 500 hr Certified, Yin Certified, and Certificate in Yoga History and Philosophy (Including the Bhagavad Gita in depth) – Oxford University (Dep Hindu Studies). Trainings and workshops include: Mythic Flow, Noah Maze and Sianna Sherman, Muz Murray,  and The Uphanishads (Distance Learning). Lots of workshops attended with our great UK teachers too, including Deb Redcliffe, Callie Meakin, Debbie Farrar, Joanna Najduch, Claire Missingham, David Sye,  Richard Adamo, Emma Henry, Mike McCabe, Vanessa Morton, and Bridget Woods Kramer to name but a few!