My first introduction to yoga was probably about 25 years ago. It was an evening class at a local school where I spent the whole time lying down on the floor trying to relax. I was bored to tears and decided then that yoga was not for me, at least not yet. I needed something a bit more challenging. Some years later I attended an Iyengar yoga class at a local gym, this didn’t hold me either. I was not to be beaten. In my place of work we had a sports and social group that introduced yoga in to the work place. This was held in the ‘bar’, yes the bar! Now this was more like it! Twice a week I would take to my yoga mat and spend my lunch hour flowing through sun salutations and warrior postures and then finally into a well-earned relaxation posture. This was my lightbulb moment. I now understood what that relaxation was about all those years earlier it was Savasana.

Unfortunately this was short lived. My job expanded and I worked away from the office more and more. Meaning my yoga journey was put on hold yet again. It wasn’t until I retired 6 years ago that I took to my yoga mat again, first of all it was a hatha flow class with lots of breathing techniques, then sivananda were I learned the basic five principles. Then I was introduced to hot yoga and Kundalini, I liked these too, and of course at the end of every class savasana. Eventually I was practicing yoga everyday and it became an integrated part of my life. I loved it all. The teachers, the people I met and the friendships I built. The way yoga made me feel, think, and most importantly allowed me to look at life from a different perspective.

In 2012 I was invited to join a teacher training course. It wasn’t my intention to become a yoga teacher, although I did want to deepen my knowledge and widen my experience so I did my first TT certificate. In 2013 I continued my journey with further training in Rishikesh India were amongst many other forms of yoga I was introduced to Ashtanga. I am now a certified 500 hour Yoga Alliance teacher and I am currently attending a British Wheel foundation course. I enjoy all aspects of yoga and have practiced and experienced various styles including Hatha , sivananda , kundalini , yin , vinyasa flow , Iyengar, ashtanga, yoga Nidra and more recently Somatics all of which I bring elements of to my classes. For me yoga is ageless it benefits everybody and unifies all generations. It doesn’t matter when or how you find yoga the hardest part is to step on the mat and the rest will follow. I am so grateful after all these years I have found my niche, my dharma or maybe it found me.