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You can join us in person at a our beautiful new penthouse studio, minutes from the old Yoga Bank or you can join us live online for our classes from the comfort of your own home. All classes must be pre booked – see our timetable and class bookings.

Young beareded man sittin in relaxed yoga pose
Young women seated and stretching to feet
Young ma sitting with hands together
Woman lying down on  yoga mat, with bear feet extending off the end

Class Descriptions

Suitable for all levels – this class focusses on increasing awareness and full range of movement of the joints to keep them healthy, as well as postures that help to increase flexibility of the muscles. This is a light-hearted class, usually accompanied by laughter (which helps, we promise!), and a sprinkling of groaning!

Yoga for Flexibility and Mobility

Suitable for all levels – Yoga is not all about flexibility, it is also about strength! In this class the focus is on building ‘core’ strength, with a focus on the postures that require a little more strength than flexibility. Expect to get warm!

Core Strength Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga

A little experience advised – This class links flowing movements with the breath, increasing internal fire, working towards some wonderful peak postures. A great way to advance your yoga practice.

Mythic Flow Yoga

A little experience advised – This class will bring to life the myths, philosophies, and stories of yoga, whilst moving and breathing. Jackie’s love of story telling and wry sense of humour will add a whole other level to your practice, as you get to understand where the postures come from, and why they have such unusual names! If you love story telling, this class is for you!

Yin Yoga

Suitable for all levels – Yin yoga is known as ‘The quiet practice’ – it involves holding the poses for 3-5 minutes, to help to increase flexibility of the ligaments and joints. The long-held postures allow you time to breathe and meditate, and work much more with an internal focus. A great style of yoga to calm the mind, it can also help with insomnia, and help with stress and anxiety. Please ensure that you bring your own props, a blanket or two, and cosy socks!

Seasonal Flow

A little experience advised – Tune into the natural energy and rhythms present In the earth and our bodies as we celebrate the seasons, moon cycles, Celtic festivals and Ayurvedic wisdom in these flow classes.

Yoga for Stress and Burnout

Suitable for all – Yoga and meditation practices offer a very real and well proven method to allow heightened body systems to come back to a state of calm. The aim of yoga to ‘still the mind’ through body awareness and connection. A deeply soothing class with gentle and effective grounding and somatic movements, meditation and breathing practises.

Beginners’ Yoga

An introduction to Hatha yoga, ideal for those completely new to yoga or returning after a break. Yoga postures explained in more detail with options to modify for all, introduction to breathing practises (pranayama), meditation and relaxation and some yoga philosophy.

Hatha Yoga

A little experience advised – Traditional yoga with modifications given for postures that are typically held for 5-8 breaths, meditation/relaxation and breathing practises (pranayama), all based on yoga philosophy.

Friday Night PJ Yin Yoga (online)

Join Jackie from her cosy loft each Friday night…

Get home, get your PJs and fluffy socks on, light some candles, and lie down on your mat…

Let Jackie help you to ground, relax, and let go of the week as she guides you through a melty yin session.

Dipping into her favourite books for inspirational readings and poems, this will be a complete balm for your soul.

The Yoga Bak Studio with warm lighting, and dusky evening sky though the window
Yoga student
Close-up of hand, palm up, wih index finger touching thumb, in relaxed pose
Plants in the corner of The Yoga Bank Studio

Practise with The Yoga Bank

Join us in person or online for Yoga classes, or book one of our workshops or retreats.

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Our Classes

We offer something for everyone at The Yoga Bank from complete beginners to experienced yogis.  With a wide selection of classes to choose from including Hatha Yoga, vinyasa flow, yin, guided meditation and  restorative Yoga are all available. Plus a range of workshops,  events a new foundation course as well as our teacher training school.