Teacher Training 200 Hour Certificate

‘Teaching yoga is not about teaching YOGA, it is about teaching PEOPLE yoga’.


Course Director, Jackie Quayle (BWY.Dip, FCT, IYN Yoga Elder) has been teaching yoga for 11 years, and practising for 17 years. A British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course tutor (levels 1 and 2), as well as a Yoga Elder with the IYN, she has taught many workshops, teacher intensives, and courses over the past 15 years. She is passionate about yoga, but more than that, she is passionate about people, and developing their dream, or dharma.


This course is a 200-hour Independent Yoga Network registered teaching certificate, open to applicants with a minimum of 2-3 years yoga practice, preferably with a regular teacher, and acceptance on to the course will be dependent on an open day/interview, and references (two will be required, at least one of them from a yoga teacher). The certification will be from The Yoga Bank, which is an IYN registered yoga school. Of the 200 hours, 180 will be full contact, and run over 24 days, over the course of 12 months.


Starting March 2021, 2 Days per month, 10.30 to 17.45 Sat and Sun (with an hour for lunch). 180 hours full contact, 20 hours non-contact (this will be made up of classes, workshops, and retreats, and self-study, and needs to be recorded):

13-14 March 2021

10-11 April

15-16 May

12-13 June

10-11 July

7-8 August

4-5 September

9-10 October

13-14 November

4-5 December

15-16 January 2022

12-13 February

Cost: £2000.00 ; £500.00 non-refundable deposit, and £150.00 per month over ten months.

To book your place, please email jackie@theyogabank.co.uk

Starting March 2021, dates tbc

The Yoga Bank Foundation Course

The Yoga Bank Foundation Course is intended for students who would like to develop their knowledge of yoga further as well as for those wanting to train as teachers as it provides them with a good introduction to our Teacher Training course.


Designed to deepen your knowledge it will include practical work and theory and will explore the history of yoga as well as basic exploration of some of the philosophies that underline the practise.


This 36 hour self enquiry course provides a supportive framework within which you can establish and deepen your personal practice and experience of yoga.


Course Requirements:  Students are expected to have been attending yoga classes for at least 1 year before starting the course. A minimum of 80% attendance is required and you will receive a Yoga Bank certificate accredited with the IYN (Independent Yoga Network).


 During the course, students are expected to practise regularly and are encouraged to keep a reflective journal.  There is no written homework and the course is not formally assessed.


Begins in March 2021:

25 March 2021

25 April

23 May

27 June

25 July

22 August


Investment £300, monthly payment option available

To book your place, please email ali@theyogabank.co.uk

Six months, starting March 2021

Yin Teacher Training

February 2021 Course

Weekend 1: Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 February

Weekend 2: Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 March

October 2021 Course

Weekend 1: Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 October

Weekend 2: Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 November

This teacher training is suitable for teachers and student yoga teachers. This Yin Yoga intensive will give you all of the tools that you need to be a confident yin yoga teacher.


Run over two weekends, this intense training will cover all aspects of Yin Yoga. 30 hours’ full contact and 10 hours homework and practice (to be recorded). A Full 200 page Yin Teaching Manual for each student teacher.


Saturday and Sunday 10.00 to 18.30, with an hour for lunch. 


Weekend 1


Day 1


The Origins and History of Yin and the 'Yinsters'

The SCIENCE behind Yin - Contracture of Ligaments

Compression vs Tension

Anatomy of the Hip, Low back, and Pelvis (this will also be covered through out the yin postures where applicable)



The three TATTVAS (Principles) of Yin

Yin Postures - Part 1 (A - H)

Anahatasana (Melting Heart) to Happy Baby






Homework (one piece to be done on Sat night for Sunday)


Day 2


Yin Postures - Part 2

Reclining Twists to Toe Squats







Yin Postures (Continued)


Between the two weekends, trainees will be expected to keep a journal of a MINIMUM weekly YIN home practice, and put together 3 short yin sequences, as well as prepare a piece of set homework.


Weekend 2


Day 1

Recap of weekend 1

Yin Seqencing

Yin Themes

Yin Progression

Wall Yin


Day 2

Class planning and management

'Holding Space'

Problems and common issues

Yin and meditation

Yin and Healing


A FINAL complete 90 minute yin lesson plan must be submitted before certification.


Certification will be upon written homework and journals being submitted, and monitoring throughout both weekends, as well as assessed final lesson plan.


Certification is from The Yoga Bank (a registered Independent Yoga Network Teaching School) and IYN, and will be a certificate to teach Yin Yoga.


Jackie is a BWY Foundation Course Tutor, IYN Yoga Elder, and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Having practised and taught yin for over ten years, as well as many Yin intensives, Jackie's experience and passion for yin is well known!


Investment £425.00

Courses in February and October 2021

Teacher Training Courses

​Learn more with our Foundation Course, our Teacher Training 200 Hours, or our Yin Teacher Training.

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