Understanding and Integrating the Chakra Energy System

This 6-hour course (over 6 weeks) will bring to life the Chakra Energy System, with understandable and applicable tips, postures, breathing techniques, mantras and affirmations for each of the 7 chakras:


Week 1 - Muladhara (Root)

Week 2 - Svadhistana (Sacral)

Week 3 - Manipura (Solar Plexus)

Week 4 - Anahata (Heart)

Week 5 - Vissudhi (Throat) and Ajna (Third Eye)

Week 6 - Sahasrara (Crown) and Bringing it all Together


Handouts will be sent to all participants, and a certificate of attendance will be available if requested for CPD purposes at the end of the course.

6 weeks, starting Monday, 18 January 19.15-20.15, with Ali


Come and join Jackie for a Yin/Yang flow to get you ready for 2021


We will start with intention setting and meditation, then move into our yin practice, using this portion of the workshop to let go of 2020.


A short break (if needed), and then we will move into a slow flow vinyasa, building heat, warmth, and fire, as we work toward the incredible Hanumanasana.


Finishing with a relaxing yoga Nidra, and guided relaxation.


Incorporating story telling, mudras, affirmations, this workshop will leave you energised, and completely ready to LEAP into 2021.


Investment - £30

Jump into New Year with Jackie (plus Special Guest Hanuman)!

A Mythic Flow Workshop


Ganesh is known as the ‘God of new beginnings’, so he is a perfect deity to ease us into our New Year.


Expect meditation, intention setting, melty yin, and a delicious slow flow vinyasa, all peppered with the incredible stories of Ganesh.


Finishing with a relaxing yoga Nidra, a perfect way to begin your New Year.


Investment - £30

Ganesh is FRESH with Jackie

A Mythic Flow Workshop



Our workshops will help you deepen your Yoga practice.

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COVID-19 Restrictions

Unfortunately following the latest COVID announcement, we are now in Tier 3, and therefore cannot teach in-studio classes. We are, however, very hopeful that this will only be for a few weeks, and cannot wait until we can meet again in our gorgeous new space!


We will transfer all booking to future classes once we re-open.


We are still going to be running our live steamed classes, so check back very soon for our online timetable.


Stay safe yogis, and strong… we can do it!


Love Team TYB