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We run a number of workshops for those who would like to deepen their yoga practise on a range of themes including practical aspects such as anatomy and science to more esoteric subjects such as the Chakras and seasonal workshops. 


Lasting between 2-5 hours, they offer the opportunity to expand your knowledge - yoga is such a vast subject (it has been around for 500 years!), there's always something to learn.

See our current Workshop Programme.

Group of women on yoga mats during workshop
Workshop teacher demonstrating yoga pose
Women in yoga workshop, kneeling on yoga mats
Group of women sitting in a circle studying flashcards during yoga training session


The Yoga Bank retreats offer a chance to escape to beautiful countryside for a long weekend of yoga, meditation, delicious food and self care.

See our current Retreats and book your place today!

Farmhouse retreat location in hills
Man and woman sitting in relaxed poses on yoga mat during a retreat
Barn and farmhouse in beautiful gardens
Woman doing yoga on a purple mat spread on a green lawn during a yoga retreat

Teacher Training

The Yoga Bank is a registered yoga school with the Independent Yoga Network.

The Yoga Bank certificates will be awarded and the courses are also registered with the IYN

Learn more with our Courses.

Group of women during training course, sitting on the for studying flashcards
Empty yoga studio with mats and blocks set out for class
Group of students studying training materials during course
Empty, mood-lit yoga studio with mats and blocks set out for class

Workshops, Retreats & Training

Our workshops will help you deepen your Yoga practice whilst our retreats provide the chance to escape to the countryside for a weekend of yoga, meditation, delicious food, and self-care.

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